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04/01/2013 12:09:00

Tops Tips for Raising your business profile

Top tips on Raising your business profile with Rob Wilkinson

Q1. What are the options if I can’t deliver PR in-house?
You can use an established PR agency or a freelance PR consultant. There are plenty of online directories that will point you in the right direction.

Q2. What will be the likely cost?
Using an agency will cost more – probably in the region of £1000 per month or more depending on the plan of activity. Freelancers will likely charge around £500 to £800 per month for a retainer based agreement

Q3. If my business in the trade (B2B) sector what sort of Sep charge budget should I set aside?
Set aside at least £500 during the first quarter to get into five key business titles (around £100 per insertion for a panel) that your customers will be reading. These will deliver direct sales enquiries and you will be able to measure the effectiveness of their impact.

Q4. Where can I get hold of media lists?
These can be prohibitively expensive. The best option is to get hold of each magazine / newspaper and view each relevant website. From there compile a database of the key contacts at each. Initially keep it manageable – maybe around 10-15 media titles. You can add to them as you move forward.

Q5. How much does professional photography / video production cost?
A professional photographer will generally cost around £150 per job / £300 plus for a half day shoot. Video production will range in price from £300 to £3000 depending on the nature / length of the video. You can always do it yourself!

Q6. Is conventional media still relevant?
Most definitely! People still read newspapers, listen to the radio and watch TV plus virtually all traditional media are replicated online.

Q7. Are press release distribution services worth investing in?
Services such as PR Fire, PR Wire and Business Wire (many more) cost around £100 per release. If you want to get your story out to a wider audience this might be worth considering

Q8. What if my business experiences ‘bad’ news?
If it looks like your reputation might be damaged in some way it is best to hire in an expert. If not address each piece of negative coverage with an honest statement to that particular media outlet.

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