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We are pleased to introduce the Strategy to Succeed team who all have an important part to play in presenting our Train to Succeed management development programmes.

Coaching for Champions!

Let’s focus on revenues, more profits, productive teams, improved cash flows and simply just more peace of mind.

Colin and Peter have, between them, 25 years experience of successfully delivering business advice and support to hundreds of Yorkshire businesses. Both are skilled in strategy development and implementation, and have developed an interactive and effective strategic planning model that they have successfully used with many businesses, ranging in size from 5 to 500 employees. They have significant experience and profit responsibility as directors of successful businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail sectors, and are the founding directors of Strategy to Succeed Ltd.


Strategy to Succeed Ltd is dedicated to helping improve the performance of Yorkshire businesses, working with some of the region’s leading support organisations.


Train to Succeed is our management development programme for business owners, directors and managers. By improving their management knowledge and skills, we help them become better at improving the performance of the business. Find out more

Our Team

Andrea Stephenson

Training Consultant

Andrea is a highly experienced manager and training consultant with a positive approach to leading, managing and developing people. With a proven track record in helping organisations and their people achieve their potential, Andrea is a persuasive communicator with a creative and engaging approach to training coaching and mentoring.


David Mepham

Business Advisor

David worked as a business adviser for 8 years, providing strategic advice and guidance to many hundreds of businesses across a wide variety of sectors. Prior to that he spent 30 years with Barclays Bank, many of those at Senior Management Level. He has also worked as a business development manager for Leeds University, and for over 10 years as a non-executive director of a large vocational training and educational company.


Ellis Pitt

Design Management Consultant

Ellis Pitt, an experienced Design Management Consultant who delivers the DesignBuilder programme. He has used design to grow and sell his own businesses, as well as mentoring senior management teams to use design effectively in theirs. He is devoted to working with delegates in a practical, down-to-earth way and is on the Design Council’s roster of Design Associates.


Heather Pink

Training Consultant

Heather has been FD for two companies previously, one a manufacturing company the other operating in the service industry. Heather has also worked as a strategic business advisor for nine years before starting her own business five years ago working as an interim FD as well as delivering Sage implementation and training to small and medium sized businesses.


Helen Burke

Account Advisor

Helen’s recent projects include involvement in a number of workshops for the NHS, giving different departments an understanding of basic accounting, payment by results, creating a surplus and balancing cost control with achievement of targets. She has also been working with teams to improve the communication and interaction between clinicians and operational staff.


Janet Bebb

Social Media Consultant

Janet is a social media consultant, with a background in business advice, change implementation & training. A qualified coach & mentor, Janet brings her experience of working with SMEs through to the work she undertakes in helping businesses to fully understand and effectively utilize social media markets. Janet’s clear, concise, plain English approach is helping many businesses enjoy tangible benefits from using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook, having a positive effect on their bottom line.


Jayne Reid

Marketing Consultant

Jayne offers hard-working Marketing and Business Development to SMEs, firmly putting sales and marketing skills training and knowledge transfer at the core of her success. Trained as a professional marketeer, she has worked extensively in both Marketing and Sales Director roles, working strategically and tactically within both disciplines to give her a hands-on expertise in formulating and implementing any strategic marketing and sales challenge.

Jennie Reeves

HR Consultant

Jennie has run a successful HR Consultancy and Management Training business since 2006, offering bespoke support in all aspects of people management, from recruitment through to outplacement support services/redundancy counselling and training solutions for supervisors and managers at all levels. She can provide assessment and consultancy services in respect to Investors in People (IIP),Customer First, TQS and ISO 9001. Degree educated, a qualified teacher and SFEDI accredited assures you of a very professional, yet pragmatic approach to your business need.


John Bregazzi

Manufacturing Consultant

John has spent many years in manufacturing, mainly in the electronics sector at senior Management/Director level. A Chartered Engineer, he gained an MBA at Bradford University in 1967. As Managing Director, he led a successful management buyout of an electronics manufacturing business in 1987, building the company into a profitable £10m turnover business. The company was sold to a major Taiwanese group in 1991 and John was then instrumental in building turnover to £68m by 2001, whilst gaining ISO2001, ISO14001, and IIP accreditations. He has spent the last 8 years working as a business adviser and as a self-employed consultant specialising in assisting start-up businesses.


John Mc Mahon

Motivational Trainer

John McMahon is an inspirational and highly motivational trainer and consultant and a regular and engaging contributor to conferences internationally and in the UK. He has facilitated leadership and business development programmes to high acclaim across the UK for thousands of growth ambitious entrepreneurs and companies, from start-ups to mature businesses. He is renowned for his ability to provide a catalyst to performance improvement at individual, team and business levels. John is the creator of the Forum 21 Model diagnostic and business development planning tool, renowned for providing a unique insight into the current position, future development potential and means to its realization of a business. He has also undertaken assignments on behalf of the World Bank, the UNDP and the EU.

Jon Beckett

Business Development

Jon comes from an electronics hardware and software development background in manufacturing. Jon moved into business development for SMEs, facilitating introduction of new technologies, and for the last 8 years, Jon has worked as a consultant, providing custom database development for companies with 10 to 100 employees. If you have ever had to type the same name and address twice, or have been frustrated through lack of up-to-date sales and product or service figures, you should talk to Jon.


Rob Wilkinson

PR Consultant

Rob has been running his own PR consultancy for the last 7 years covering a wide range of industry sectors with a specific focus on B2B activity but a growing portfolio of B2C work. From press releases to newsletters, video production to exhibition support. Prior to working for himself Rob spent ten years within marketing, journalism and PR roles as well as two years doing stand up comedy professionally. Rob is also the PR officer for the Great Britain Special Olympics team.


Roger Lawton

Business Advisor

Roger left Banking in 1990 and worked in industry for 3 years before becoming a Business Adviser, specialising in accessing funding for businesses. He started his own business in 2004, sourcing finance and grants for businesses in the region and training business people in all aspects of finance.

Sallyanne Reed

GP Practice Consultant

Sallyanne has recently been working around the country with cohorts of GP Practice Managers, enabling them to develop the core skills needed to effectively manage the ‘business side’ of their GP Surgery or Health Centre. This was achieved through a series of workshops that took a practical, pragmatic view of money matters and everyday people management.